A Step-by-Step Guide to Professional Indemnity Insurance

You may or may not have heard of Professional Indemnity Insurance; but whether you have or not, it is something which should you be sued by a client, you will wish you had very quickly.


Professional Indemnity Insurance is a component of Business Insurance; vital for businesses, it protects companies who offer advice or services against the risk of a claim being made against them for any mistakes on your part.

So should a client of yours consider you to have carried out the work wrongly, made an error which they consider damaging to their financial state; or if they consider it to have caused damage to their reputation, you could be at risk of a hefty pay out.

  • The more we become involved with clients and partners in business dealings, the more we expose ourselves to legal claims
  • The ‘no win, no fee’ nation we live in these days encourages a claims culture with people seeking  compensation for the smallest mistake
  • Therefore, we should always be taking particular care in business anyway, but sometimes even this isn’t enough.  You need to keep a guard up with the right cover and take out a comprehensive Professional Indemnity package as part of your Business Insurance policy.


If someone does sue your business for Professional Indemnity, you could face legal fees, compensation and any other charges out of your pocket, without Professional Indemnity Insurance.

Levels of cover can range between £50,000 and £2million, highlighting the scale of the importance of getting Professional Indemnity cover to protect your business.


  • It applies to those providing consultancy or professional advice services; so from financial services, to agencies and designers, etc.
  • The riskier the business, the higher the insurance premium is likely to be – although the insurer will also take into consideration other factors, such as turnover, number of employees and the type of business


Most insurance companies in Professional Indemnity Insurance can only be accessed by a broker, such as Flint Insurance, who have years of experience in this field.

A broker has a duty to represent your interests; not the interests of the insurance company, so they will research policies to find you the best cover and even tailor make cover if it suits.

The insurance contract is then drawn up between you and a qualifying insurer, not the broker, but the broker will have done all the leg work for you, using their key relationships with specialist insurers to negotiate the best terms.

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