Countering Insurance Fraud with Everyday Technology

Countering Insurance Fraud with Everyday Technology
Tech-savvy insurers protect business owners against fraudulent liability claims

As an employer, you’re exposed to claims from fraudulent employees. Shielding that is the job of your insurer – who may or may not be using fresh technology to combat criminal activity.

An Airbus worker recently claimed against his employer for damages of up to £500k. His injuries allegedly left him disabled and thus Airbus looked like paying out a hefty sum. However, using surveillance technology, it was later proven that the claimant was in no way disabled (he was actually caught refurbing a house).

Private Investigators

This was a rare case and insurers do not hire private investigators to invade on privacy. It’s a professional practise, designed to legally (and ethically) record evidence of fraud – to then use against a claim that would be otherwise difficult to contest.

Bobby Gracey, Executive Vice President for Global Operations, was recently quoted by the Insurance Times explaining how the use of surveillance in legal cases is at an ‘all-time high’.

The technology has come a long way and it is certainly no longer a case of spies in trees, using telescopic lenses. Remote-controlled cameras in vehicle headrests or even rocks have been used to film fraudsters getting on with their non-hindered lives.

Still, it’s the simpler approach to ‘espionage’ the PIs are taking which have catalysed the success rate; just one visit to the home when a claimant is ‘off work’ can reveal how they’re actually out of the house and working elsewhere.

Everyday Technology

Over the course of the last decade, innovations like Facebook and YouTube have even come into legal play. It can save a lot of time (and money) for an investigator to find a YouTube video of a claimant bungee-jumping, post-claim.

This is just one example but even the odd Tweet can trigger suspicion. Fraudsters are now required to live a complete lie for the rest of their time on Earth. Their employers are the immediate victims but with the help of an experienced insurance broker, they can defend against unfair and criminal claims.

Business liability insurance is in place to protect you from all claims – fraudulent or otherwise. This includes cases from employees and the public alike.

Established brokers can take care of all your negotiation so you get a good quote, so why not set yourself up against legitimate and fraudulent claims? With the right public liability insurance policy safeguarding your business, you’re covered for the worst case scenario – and the best in the industry are seemingly cornering more fraudsters by the day.

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