Lucky 13 Plates for UK Car Dealers

British car sales continue to go against the EU grain

Like any major business sector, motor trade has its booms and slumps – but there is something peculiar (good peculiar) about the UK market at this moment in time.

With an 11.5% sales increase in January, Britain’s motor trade industry looks like its continuing its 2012 momentum throughout Q1 of 2013. However, European sales continue to fall – the rest of the EU took a year-on-year decline of almost 10% in January.

Even Germany suffered a loss of 8.6%. Our home-grown dealerships are already nipping at the heels of their German counterparts – the UK now sits in close-second to Deutschland as the largest auto market in Europe.

So, could the looming introduction of the 13 plate be the impetus behind our island’s success?

Unlucky for Some

The new plates won’t come into play until March, so it has been reported some people are ordering their cars early, to superstitiously avoid the number 13 on their reg.

Still, UK motor trade has been growing over the last 12 months anyway and the realists are seeing the January increase in sales as a natural result of a positive market.

The total figure for car sales in Britain amounted to more than 2 million in 2012. Considering the 2011 total of 1.9 million, the increase of over 5% is significant and it already looks like 2013 will be good year for UK dealers (figures sourced from the Society of Manufacturers and Motor Traders).

It was suggested that an increase in used-car prices may have contributed to more people considering new car incentives. The new Ford Fiesta was the top selling car in the UK and considering you can grab one for under £10k, it comes as no surprise.

Advice for Car Dealers

Every new car forecourt in the country can ride on this momentum and as for the second-hand dealers, it’s a chance to adapt; the auto trade sector is currently enjoying a boom and it is up to the dealers themselves to capitalise on it (superstition isn’t really going to have that much of an impact).

Brokers come into play at this juncture – the experienced ones who have been around for the slumps too. All dealers need motor trade insurance but understandably we Brits need to see value for money (like the Fiesta for example).

So, the brokers go ahead and create a brand new protection package for 2013, designed around the individual applicant’s trading business. Then it’s time to source the best possible motor traders insurance quote. With the protection side of your business taken care of by a professional, not only can you save money, you can completely turn their focus to making the most of a seemingly positive 2013.

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