The Different Types of Motor Trade Insurance

Why Insurance Policies Should Be Tailored to Your Type of Motor Trade Business

Motor trade is a diverse industry and refers to anyone who buys, sells, repairs or maintains vehicles. Motor trade businesses also vary in size and can handle any type of vehicle from vans and motorbikes to vintage cars and commercial vehicles.

While the most common types of motor trade businesses are new or used car dealerships, car valeting firms and car repair services can also get motor trade cover. The company’s yearly turnover could be five cars or five hundred cars so motor trade businesses require different policies according to their size and function.

The beauty of motor trade insurance is that the policies are as flexible as the industry is broad. Each motor trade insurance policy can be tailored to the policy holder’s specific business needs and protect the company against third party damage, fire, theft and accusations of poor standards of work or negligence.

Motor Trade Insurance for Car Dealers

Car dealerships regularly buy and sell vehicles and many allow buyers to give the vehicle a test drive before they buy it.

Since it would be impossible to insure each individual driver that needs to test drive a vehicle, motor traders are able to choose a policy that covers anybody who they give permission to drive their vehicles rather than just one named driver.

Motor Trader Insurance for Garages

Local garages are regularly in possession of different cars for maintenance and repairs and therefore they must also be covered by motor trade insurance. Vehicles will only temporarily be in their possession but mechanics or valets may occasionally need to drive them in order to move or reposition them.

It would be impractical to insure each vehicle individually so motor trader insurance providers can create a bespoke policy where all garage employees may drive any vehicle that is part of their work.

Important Points for All Motor Traders

It is important to remember that the more flexible the policy, the higher the premiums will be. However, discussing your motor trade insurance needs with an experienced motor trade insurance broker like Flint Insurance can secure the right level of cover for your business and ensure you pay the right price for the protection you need.

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  1. Mark Reilly

    Hello guys,

    We are a performance tuning company and are looking for a policy that allows us to drive the customers cars but ideally also would cover us on any vehicles we buy as a business, such as a company van or car transporter into the future (We don’t have any company vehicles currently, only our own)

    Thanks for any help – Mark

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