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In the event you suffer any incident that could give rise to a claim under any of your policies we ask that you contact us at the earliest possible time to ensure that we can notify your Insurance Company. This avoids potential problems with the late notification of a claim.

With regard to accidents in the work place there are additional requirements imposed by law for reporting certain injuries and again please do check with us urgently to ensure you meet your legal obligations.
In addition to the high level of service we provide to our clients we can arrange for the appointment of a Loss Negotiator who will work full time to pursue the most favourable settlement of your claim.
If your claim results in the reduction of security of your property it is important that we tell your Insurers as this could breach your policy terms and void any further claims.

It is your duty to do as much as is reasonable to minimise your loss so if emergency security measures or the removal of debris or property is required to assist with this then Insurers will expect you to carry this out.

If you have any doubts or questions relating to a claim or potential claim please do contact us immediately to discuss these.


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