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Insurance News

Public Liability Insurance: Security Shield for Self and Others - 23/12/09
For most business owners, opting for some form of insurance cover doesn’t feature high on their list of essentials - but keeping in mind the old adage ‘prevention is better than cure’ it is essential that all business houses include Public liability insurance in their priority list.
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Public liability insurance – Don’t get caught out - 22/12/09
Small businesses carry an element of risk associated with their activities, which could have an impact on customers and public alike. In order to mitigate these risks, an adequate cover of public liability insurance is essential.
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Motor trade insurance facts you need to know - 21/12/09
Most people don’t like the idea of getting Motor trade insurance for their business. They are concerned with lowering their expenses and increasing their profits. This could prove to be profitable in the short-term as it will reduce your expenses and increase your profits. In the long run this could ruin your business, as an unforeseen calamity can wipe-out your profits.
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Motor Trader Insurance - Insurance brokers can be of great help - 20/12/09
Insurance of any kind, be it life cover, building insurance or motor trade insurance, is something that many people do not prefer and would like to keep away from. There are some basic underlying reasons for this feeling.
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Finding the cheapest motor trade insurance policy - 19/12/09
Most companies don’t purchase a motor trade insurance policy unless they incur a loss. Many companies have incurred huge losses because they have not taken out a motor trade insurance policy. Insurance is one of the biggest expenses that a company incurs when running a business. Companies usually look for sources that will help them get the right policy at the lowest possible premiums.
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Public Liability Insurance – Know The Facts - 18/12/09
While there are insurance policies of various kinds, public liability insurance is one that calls for special mention - and given the modern trend of compensation culture, it is extremely important for you to have this coverage built into your building insurance.
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Every UK Business Needs Employers liability Insurance - 17/12/09
Employer’s liability insurance is essential in the UK, and you are legally bound to provide coverage to your staff, even part-time and casual labour. According to Employers Liability (Compulsory Insurance) Act 1969 (ELCA) it is mandatory for every employer to have this type of insurance.
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Essentials of Motor Trade Insurance - 16/12/09
Motor trade insurance is a type of insurance coverage provided against the damage to an insured vehicle, employee’s working with motor vehicles, and any other third parties involved. Employees who can be covered under this policy are mechanics, car dealers, car body repairers, recovery agents, car importers and goods transit employees.
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Motor Trade Insurance – The basics - 15/12/09
In recent years of industrial and financial development, the automobile industry has stepped up production juxtaposing the rapid expansion in the automobile leasing services across the UK. The resulting gain in risk, in terms of accident liability and theft, influences an escalation in the number of car trade insurance buyers as the law requires motor car buyers...
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Employer’s Liability Insurance – Benefits both the parties - 14/12/09
This insurance is usually a part of the workers compensation policy and is essential to protect the employer against any employee claims alleging negligence on the part of the employer.
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Employer’s Liability Insurance – An outlining guidance - 13/12/09
The Employers liability insurance is compulsory and ensures that the employees are protected against workplace hazards owing to working conditions. If an employee is hurt or falls ill as a result of the firm’s environment, he or she has the right to demand compensation if they think that the employing body is responsible.
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Employers Liability Insurance - Finer points for employers in the UK - 12/12/09
Buying insurance to protect you as an employer against claims made by employees owing to work hazards needs to be carefully carried out. Terms and conditions that make a policy or agreement between the employer and the insurance seller define the conditions that will allow you to receive your claims.
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Learn the Nuances and Need for Employers Liability Insurance - 11/12/09
According to Health and Safety Executives, in the UK it is mandatory for all employers to hold Employers Liability Insurance if they have people working in their company. This type of insurance has become mandatory in almost 80% of countries across the globe, as there have been a large number of cases reported where the small companies have declared bankruptcy when they have to pay for the claims filed by their employees.
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Does My Business Require Commercial Insurance? - 10/12/09
Commercial insurance is used as risk management in most businesses. The insured amount will serve the purpose of meeting any unexpected huge expenses in the business such as property damage, liabilities or any machinery breakdown.
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Commercial Insurance – Finding the one that best suits your business - 09/12/09
With an increasing number of technical hitches in business laws, buying commercial insurance is a norm in order to protect business assets against liabilities converging into careless business law disobedience.
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The Different Facets of Commercial Insurance - 08/12/09
Commercial insurance provides coverage across a wide spectrum of areas such as retail, real estate, public amenities, auto and so on. This industry is thus flush with many insurance players providing various types of schemes.
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No, You can’t do without Employers Liability Insurance - 07/12/09
Employers Liability Insurance, or EL, is mandatory for every business in the UK, barring a few exceptions, further to an amendment to the law in 2005. The Health and Safety Executive (HSE) have the authority to prosecute you if you don’t have EL and an accident has taken place in at your workplace.
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