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Public Liability Insurance: Security Shield for Self and Others
Published: 23/12/09

For most business owners, opting for some form of insurance cover doesn’t feature high on their list of essentials - but keeping in mind the old adage ‘prevention is better than cure’ it is essential that all business houses include Public liability insurance in their priority list.

If you are a proud owner of a home-based business that is frequented by customers, or you have just started a construction company and feel that liability insurance is waste of money, think again. Public Liability Insurance is the protection net that helps business owners to suitably compensate their clients if they are injured on their business premises. Also this insurance comes to your rescue if the customers’ property is damaged due to your business. This kind of liability insurance also covers the hefty legal bills that your company has to pay in case of a law suit.

For example, if you are trying to cut a big tree in the client’s backyard and it accidentally falls and damages the client’s roof, then it will be the responsibility of the business owner to compensate the client - and this is where Public Liability Insurance comes into play. Or, if you are a freelance IT consultant and you accidentally spill coffee on your client’s laptop and damage it, you can again take the help of this insurance to pay off the damages.

This insurance cover will protect your client if they are accidentally injured due to your business, or by you. All third party property damages caused due to or while conducting your business are also covered by this insurance. Public Liability Insurance can also cover all legal fees and claims that are made by a third party, but doesn’t cover any claims made by your employees.

When opting for this insurance you must always inform the insurance provider of all the details about the type of business that you run, which will help them in deciding the right protection cover and all the terms and conditions of your insurance policy. The amount of insurance cover that a business can purchase depends upon the size, as well as the nature of, the work. The best part about liability insurance is that even if you take a large cover, the premium amount is not very high.

Public liability insurance comes with certain restrictions and limits. For example, people in the construction business will find that there is a restriction on height as many accidents occur when the building is more than 10 metres high. Therefore, generally no claims are processed if the customers were hurt beyond this height or at a height that had not been covered under your policy’s term and conditions. Also there might be restrictions regarding the kind of premises you work on. Hazardous premises or locations prone to accidents such as airports, petrol pumps and so on are generally not covered by a liability insurance policy. Therefore it would be wise to read the terms and conditions of your policy before signing on the dotted line.

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