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Home owners going for Olympic gold

Published: 29/06/12

With millions of visitors searching for accommodation In 2014, London homeowners could be set to strike gold during July and Axa Personal Lines have some important advice.
But it won’t be just Londoners who stand to benefit as Olympic events are taking place all around the UK, from football in Glasgow, the North of England and Coventry to sailing in Weymouth.
Many homeowners have realised that there’s money to be made from renting out homes for just a few weeks during peak periods. And a whole host of events take place each year creating peaks in demand, such as Wimbledon and the Edinburgh Festival.

A London letting agent says that London’s hotels will struggle to accommodate the thousands of visitors expected for the Olympics and homeowners willing to rent out will help to contribute towards the event’s success.
They also say those not used to renting out should know that some letting agents will stipulate the need for a Gas Safety check by a Gas Safe Registered engineer.
Most insurers will allow sub-letting for a short period of time, but full cover may not apply. So it’s sensible for homeowners to take precautions to protect their home and its contents before the guests arrive, perhaps storing items of value safely away.

Axa has advised that although they don’t specialise in this cover, they will honour cover already in place. And if a homeowner has accidental damage this won’t be taken away, but they won’t allow existing customers to add accidental damage for the letting period. Obviously different insurers will have their own take on things – call us so that we can give you specific details.

Axa goes on to warn homeowners that theft of possessions from the home without evidence of a break-in will not be covered if the home is sub-let, neither will acts of malicious damage.
Insurers advise homeowners to carry out DIY jobs before the home is sub-let. Make sure your home is free from hazards such as loose carpets or defective appliances and avoid a personal liability claim.
Aviva says that their home policy can offer cover for existing customers on their home during the rental period providing they’re told beforehand the dates when the property will be occupied by tenants. The insurance will then protect against all of the usual perils such as fire, theft, flood, leaking water and storm damage.
At Flint our advice to clients is - inform us if you plan to rent out your home or a room, even for a short period of time and we will advise you in accordance with your particular policy and insurer.
The wider issue of alternative accommodation is a potential of headache for insurers, if for example a major event were to occur in London during the Olympics, such as a flood, there would be a struggle to find alternative accommodation for people.

There are also concerns about homes and property being at risk due to an increase in visitors to the country. Everyone should take extra precautions to safeguard personal possessions while travelling around during the Olympic period. However, reports from the Barcelona Olympics showed a decrease in crime over the Olympic period – possibly due to increased policing rather than increase in general goodwill. Without doubt heightened security is a major priority for the London ga


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