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Paddy Power blows its own trumpet

Published: 16/07/12

You may be thankful that UEFA banned the hugely annoying vuvuzela from stadiums in Poland and the Ukraine during the Euros. Paddy Power however, got their own back in order to, in their own words – stick it to the fun police - with their We Hear You version.

The Paddy Power vuvuzela is nine meters long and two meters across, making it the largest one ever constructed. Capable of generating a deafening 138 decibels of noise, which is louder than a jet plane taking off nearby!

The monster truck travelled the streets of Dublin and London and other parts of Europe in time for the start of the 2012 Euros.

Flint is once again delighted to say that we looked after the insurance requirements for this unique Paddy Power vehicle.

Did you hear it?

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