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Commercial Loans May Come Under Scrutiny

Published: 16/07/12

Protecting what you value

Nobody wants to see their commercial insurance premiums rise and ultimately insurance is there to safeguard you, however we all have our part to play and doing what we can to protect our home and belongings is very important.

There are certain measures that should take to protect our homes against theft. Some of these methods may seem obvious, but adhering to these simple rules can really make a difference.

  • Never leave keys in the lock, hanging inside a letterbox or hidden outside the home
  • Avoid leaving doors and windows open downstairs when you are upstairs
  • Don’t leave small valuables where they can be easily seen from outside
  • Leave living room or bedroom lights on if you are out for the evening


Take special care

  • Join a local Neighbourhood Watch Scheme or consider starting one in your area
  • Don’t let strangers into your home unless they give you official proof of identity. If you are suspicious, telephone the company concerned for verification while your caller waits outside behind the locked front door
  • Cancel milk and newspaper deliveries before you go on holiday and ask a trusted neighbour to keep an eye on your home and leave a spare key with them
  • Don’t leave expensive equipment in sheds - make sure it is securely locked away. The vast majority of people forget to secure their sheds making them a small goldmine for burglars with contents often adding up to well over £500.


Get the right cover

Of course, the unfortunate fact is that there will always be opportunist burglars who will still jump at the chance of breaking into your home successfully despite your best efforts. When such occurrences happen, it’s important that your possessions are properly insured.

There are many Home Insurance products that include cover for a variety of valuable items such as jewellery, gold and silver articles (including plated), to works of art, sculptures and medals. More expensive items, such as engagement rings, can also be insured under Personal Possession cover but Flint will discuss things to find out exactly what cover is required. When arranging your home insurance you should also consider the following:

  • You will only ever be able to claim up to the total sum insured – so
  • Carefully check your policy documentation to find out how much your policy will pay for the contents of your home and look at exactly what will and will not be covered
  • Tell your insurance broker as soon as reasonably possible if there are any changes to your circumstances which could affect your insurance
  • Keep a record of your possessions, for example, keep receipts, obtain valuations and take photographs of jewellery and any other valuable or unusual items
  • If your sum insured does not cover all your contents, the value of any claims may be reduced.


This has advice has been put together in conjunction with Allianz who are just one of the insurers Flint works with to provide quality household cover.

If you wish to check any details on your household policy or would like a new quotation please call Nicola, Emma, Henry or Rachel – all part of our household team, on 0845 371 0768.


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