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Insurance News, brought to you by Flint Insurance

Womens Car Insurance in the UK Offers Competitive Rates
Published: 15/03/10

In a recent study carried out by EMB, known as insurance industry experts, car insurance is going to rise as much as 20% across the board because insurance companies are paying out more than they are taking in, according to independent actuarial and consultancy. The reason for this is that cheap online insurance has forced all the insurance companies to get more competitive with rates, while medical costs are going up on accident victims. Women are responsible for fewer accidents, on a worldwide basis.

Iin the UK, female driver insurance rates are more competitive than rates for men. This is especially true when comparing young men and women that are between the ages of 18 and 25. There seems to be a higher rate of accidents with males in this age group because they tend to be a little more carefree than women drivers of the same age, typically. While this isn’t always the case, insurance companies can offer more competitive rate charts for women drivers, when they are looking for lower insurance premiums.

For the best womens car insurance rates, it helps to be accident free and you can consider other factors that will give you a lower premium. Multiple cars in the household, combining policies with your home or renters insurance are just a few ideas.

On the other hand, if you are one of the parents that have “kidults” living with you, (the new term for grown children that don’t leave the nest) and they are still on your insurance policy, this might not be the case, especially if they are young males. Insurance premiums are rising in general, no matter however, what gender you are.

Here at Flint Insurance our Queen Bee insurance policy has been specifically tailored for the lady driver to provide complete cover and assurance. Find a cheap car insurance for ladies today or call 0800 021 4513 for more information.

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