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If you provide taxis for hire with a driver – public or private hire – speak with the Flint team today. We offer mini fleet taxi policies for, 2 to 5 vehicles, and for larger fleets with tens of vehicles. We’ve got you covered by placing all your vehicles on a single policy, with one renewal date, designed to save you time and money over individual vehicle insurance. Our policies will cover you, your taxis and the customers that travel in them.

Taxi insurance cover can accommodate most taxis, cabs, vans and limousines. Moreover, policies can be taken out in an individual’s name or that of a company, with no age restrictions.

Flint insurance provides taxi insurance for a minimum of 2 vehicles on a single policy. At this time, we are not able to provide cover for single taxis.

Looking for a more flexible policy? Speak to us about Pay As You Go taxi fleet insurance – it could save you thousands!


Main Features

We offer insurance for taxi fleets of 2 to 400 vehicles. Our comprehensive taxi policies can include cover for:

  • Small fleets of taxis (2 to 5 vehicles)
  • Larger, mixed fleets of vehicles (up to 400 vehicles)
  • Public hire, hackney carriages
  • Private hire, minicabs or private hire taxis
  • Cover for various types of cabs, including limousines
  • Full EU cover (as well as Iceland, Norway and Switzerland)
  • Any age or driver profile (accident/convictions considered)
  • Quality network of cost-effective repairers
  • Interest-free monthly payments
  • Legal assistance
  • 24-hour emergency helpline
  • Windscreen repair
  • Courtesy cars
  • Bespoke fleets from a mix of vehicles
  • Any range of journey type and any distance
  • Enhanced claims service
  • Free breakdown cover

The standard package offers other benefits such as free breakdown cover, free courtesy car and full European cover.


Helping you find the right insurer

At Flint Insurance, we understand that selecting precisely the right insurance from the right provider can be a complex and daunting task. Our specialist commercial advisors are on hand to guide you through each step and find a taxi insurance quote and policy that is right for you and your business.

We will assist you in making the buying process as easy as possible, offering help and advice throughout the life of your insurance policy. Our brokers will interact on your behalf with a panel of market-leading, highly established and secure industry leaders in insuring commercial motor and taxi fleets. We will find you the best policy for your needs, tailoring the cover to exactly meet the size and needs of your business.

Furthermore, to ensure you are getting the most from your insurance, we will also offer specialist advice on insurance telemetry products and policies, plus other new and leading technologies.

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Speak to our brokers today

Call us today and speak directly with a member of our specialist broker team. They will take a few details, speak to you about your situation before seeking taxi insurance quotes from a range of insurers on your behalf. The same broker will assess the quotes before recommending a policy to you that strikes the balance of cover and affordability.

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    Why you should talk to Flint

    Flint Insurance is a trusted, experienced independent insurance broker. As an insurance broker, we work with a panel of carefully selected insurance providers to secure our clients’ the best possible insurance policies.

    Select Flint insurance and benefit from:

    An expert broker – To research and advise on exactly the right taxi cover for your business. A hassle-free process for you.

    A free service – Using Flint to find and broker your insurance does not cost you or your business.

    A tailored service – The insurance cover and policies are tailored to your individual needs.

    A single policy – A single policy to cover all your taxi vehicles and drivers. With a single policy with the same date for inception and renewal, you will see the financial benefit from economies of scale.

    Administrative ease – The administrative process for you as a business is easier and more economical when handling one taxi fleet insurance policy.

    Claims management – If you need to claim, we will manage the claims process on your behalf, negotiating directly with the insurer.

    There is no huge call centre or push to sell you a particular product, as you might experience by talking directly to some insurance companies. With Flint, you deal with an experienced insurance advisor who handles your risk and considers this against a wide range of options to find the best solution for you and your business.

    Whether you are a sole trader or large corporation, Flint seeks to understand your unique business needs and make expert recommendations for your insurance cover. Experts in our field, we work with trusted insurers, keeping up to date across the market to secure comprehensive cover at the best rates.

    Regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA), Flint Insurance is proud to represent your business interests as our primary concern, finding you the best taxi or fleet policy options and insurance quotes to suit your individual business.

    There will never be a cost to you or your business for our expert services, and we are able to secure you the most favourable insurance rates, based on established partnerships with major insurance firms.

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    How to minimise your insurance costs

    At Flint Insurance, we understand how important it is to balance costs to your business with protection for your business. That is why we make it our aim to help you to minimise your insurance costs whilst ensuring you have the best cover for your business needs.

    As part of our Claims and Risk Management Service, our specialist advisors can help you to achieve this in several ways:

    • Understanding your business – As specialists of over 30 years in commercial motor trade, fleet and taxi insurance, we can work with you to understand your business in minute detail. We will review past performance and historical claims to spot apparent trends. This enables us to make tailored recommendations for your insurance programme, ensuring that you are only paying for the cover that your business needs.
    • Helping you to understand your insurance – Your job is driving a successful business, not being an insurance expert. By trusting in our expertise in the insurance sector, we will ensure that you have all the information you need to make the right decisions to protect your business. Your advisor will always provide you with clear explanations of your insurance contract and answer any questions you have so that you understand precisely what is covered and how.
    • Risk management – Your advisor will be able to make suggestions for strategies or policies that you could put in place to help reduce or manage risks within your business. As experts in Risk Management, our highly trained staff can provide professional advice on a wide range of driving initiatives designed to help you reduce your claims. For instance, using dashcam technology, vehicle telematics and vehicle trackers, and risk mitigation and claims control will help minimise the risk to your business. These actions will, in turn, will lower your insurance premiums.
    • Claims management – By supporting you to limit or stop the need to make a claim against your business insurance, your risk profile drops, making it possible to secure the lowest possible insurance premiums for you.

    If you do need to claim

    In the unfortunate event that your business needs to claim against your taxi insurance policy, our claims executives will negotiate the best possible settlement on your behalf.

    Our specialist taxi service will provide you with:

    • 24/7 claims reporting
    • Management of any outstanding claims from previous policies
    • Regular claims review and reporting, meaning no surprises at policy renewal
    • Reserve and claim settlement reviews
    • Free uninsured loss recovery
    • Non-fault hire (using like for like vehicles)
    • Personal injury recovery (non-fault claims – drivers and any passengers)
    • Courtesy vehicles for fault claims for the duration of the repair
    • Nationwide garages who keep costs and vehicle off road times to a minimum

    As part of our comprehensive service to you, our claims experts are ready to deal with all claims from start to finish, ensuring the process is smooth and hassle-free for you.

    The Flint Claims Management service gives you the peace of mind that your business is supported by commercial motor claims experts who have the knowledge and experience gained from dealing with minimal losses to large catastrophes.

    Additionally, the understanding we have of your business helps us to support you throughout a claims process better. We work hard to ensure that any loss has as little impact on your business as possible and that you can continue with business as usual. Where a claim is necessary, we are always the advocate of our clients.


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    Questions you might have

    Do you provide cover for private taxis?

    Yes. We offer policies for both public hire taxis and private hire insurance. Whatever vehicle you drive, if you pick up customers for pre-booked fares, then we’ve got you covered.

    Do I need cover for “public liability” insurance?

    Yes. If you are carrying customers in exchange for payment, you will need ‘Public liability insurance’ to protect you/your business against damage and legal claims against you.

    Most insurers offer public liability cover – make sure this is included in your taxi policy. Our team will talk you through the requirements and costs/benefits of cover.

    What is “public liability” insurance?

    When driving a taxi, you will be in contact with members of the public. Suppose a member of the public claims an injury against you – in this case; you will need ‘Public liability’ insurance to protect you against the costs of defending the claims and compensation if a claim is successful.

    How many vehicles are needed to qualify for taxi fleet insurance?

    The minimum number of vehicles required to make up a ‘fleet’ policy can vary across insurance providers. Flint can provide you with small, 2 vehicle fleet insurance policies up to 5 vehicle policies. As your fleet grows, we can offer policies that cover up to 400 vehicles.

    For taxi fleets with more than 5 vehicles, speak to us about Motor Fleet Insurance.

    We can provide policies to cover hackney carriages, private hire cars, Uber taxis, mini-cabs, taxi fleets and limousine vehicles.

    Can anyone drive the vehicles?

    Yes. Most taxi policies are created on an ‘Any Authorised Driver’ basis which means that as long as they have the permission of the insurance proposer, anyone who holds the necessary driver’s licence can drive the vehicles. This situation most often applies to sub-contractors. However, it’s important to remember that the onus is on the insured to carry out the usual driving licence and DVLA checks for convictions.

    Placing restrictions on who can and cannot drive the insured vehicles will reduce the cost of a taxi insurance policy. For example, only allowing people over the ages of 25 with clean driving licences to drive your taxis would reduce the cost of your insurance premiums.

    On some occasions, we will need to ask for a little more information on the insured drivers – if the insurance underwriter needs to know more details about the drivers on the policy and any motor convictions. Our brokers will advise you if the insuring underwriter requires more information to provide a quote and policy.

    What levels of insurance cover can be provided?

    Just like regular car insurance, we offer three basic levels of taxi insurance:

    Third party – provides the minimum level of cover to drive in the UK legally. Third party insurance covers your fleet for liability of injury to others (including passengers) and damage to third party property.

    Third party, Fire and Theft – provides mid-level of cover to your vehicles. Third party, Fire and Theft cover offers additional cover for fire damage to your vehicles, theft or damage to your cars during a theft.

    Comprehensive – provides the maximum level of cover. In addition to Third party, Fire and Theft, Comprehensive insurance provides cover for damage to your vehicles if they are involved in an accident or incident. Loss or damage to personal effects and medical expenses for anyone involved in an accident or incident involving your vehicles are also covered.

    Can you cover vehicle contents?

    Yes. As part of the insurance policy, we can offer ‘personal effects’ cover for the driver’s personal belongings. Please ask us about vehicle contents cover when you speak with our advisors, and we will assess what level of personal contents cover will suit you best.

    Can I use NCD for the taxi insurance policy?

    Yes. The ‘No Claims Discount’ (NCD) usually comes into play when setting up a taxi policy for the first time – you can use your personal no claims discount.

    How do I buy taxi insurance?

    The type of client and vehicle make-up of a taxi business can vary widely. To select an insurance policy and quote that fits your needs, we need to speak with you to answer a range of important questions about you and your business. A member of our specialist commercial broker team will spend time talking to you to assess your unique insurance needs.

    You can contact us via telephone on 0800 019 5974 (9:00am to 6:30pm Monday to Thursday, and 9:00am to 5:30pm on Friday). Alternatively, fill out the form on this webpage, and we will be pleased to call you back at a convenient time for you.

    When will the cover start?

    Once a specialist advisor has spoken with you and researched the best taxi or taxi fleet insurance quotes for your business, we will move quickly to confirm the insurance cover options. When we have mutually agreed on the best policy for you, we will action the policy with the insurance firm and confirm the cover with you. Once we provide you with the confirmation, your business will have immediate insurance cover.

    How long are the insurance quotes valid for?

    The majority of insurance quotes from Flint are valid for 30 days. However, the validity period can vary across both insurers and insurance quotes provided. We will confirm the validity period when we provide you with a quote. If you do not take up the quote selected within the validity period, a reassessment of your insurance needs will need to be recorded. A new insurance quote will need to be established and may differ from the original, depending on changes within the insurance market.

    Do you offer price matching for cheaper quotes?

    If you already have a quote from another taxi insurance provider, please share this with us and ask us for a competing quote. As an insurance broker, we can negotiate rates on your behalf from a wide panel of UK insurers, often at preferable rates. We will endeavour to find you the same policy cover for a lower price.

    Can Telematics/Cameras save me money on my insurance premiums?

    Yes. Using telematics to monitor driver behaviour (such as speeding, braking harshly, cornering etc.) combined with good driving will ultimately reduce the number of motor claims. Additionally, we recommend in-vehicle cameras are installed to establish who is at fault and prevent fraudulent insurance claims.

    The proper use of telematics and cameras will help to reduce the cost of your insurance by reducing the number of accidents and claims.

    Does my policy include a driving other cars extension?

    No. Whereas a private car policy will usually cover you to drive, say a neighbour’s vehicle, on a third party basis, this does not apply to taxi or cab vehicles.

    Can I use my vehicle for social, domestic and pleasure?

    Yes, your taxi policy extends to cover the use of your work vehicle for holidays or personal usage.

    I also own the taxi base from where the firm trades. Can you cover this as well?

    Yes. We can provide additional taxi base and building insurance cover for your trading address. Speak with us about this too, and we’ll find you a comprehensive policy that covers the risks and the building itself.

    What vehicle information needs to be supplied?

    The cost of insurance premiums can vary significantly. A significant factor for the insurance firm providing cover is understanding the size of your business, the number and type of vehicles and drivers it uses, its trading nature and the risks it faces. Before they can quote, the insurance underwriters will want to know about the number, type and age of your vehicles, as well as the number of drivers, the mileages they drive, the nature of the job and any motor convictions. It is advisable to gather this information before you speak with us.

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