Residential Security

Residential security is crucial for high value homes, offering you both direct protection and reduced insurance premiums. The Flint Private Clients team can recommend a wide range of options to make your home, family and possessions more secure. Speak to your account handler for more information and to review your current high value home insurance cover.


Residential burglar alarms

Whether protecting doors and windows or internal space, residential burglar alarm systems can be hard-wired, wireless or hybrid, depending on your needs/home environment. Home security systems can include panic alarms, home automation, flood detection, smoke and carbon monoxide protection. Moreover, 24/7 monitoring can summon key-holders and the police to an activation.


Home security cameras, CCTV and Video Surveillance

Home security cameras and professional CCTV is not only a deterrent to an intruder or vandal but also allows you to survey all the comings and goings at your home, holiday home or business, from anywhere in the world. Security cameras for home can email or text you whenever activity is detected and will only store images when movement is present. CCTV Security systems can be configured to survey your grounds to protect your cars, garden ornaments, pets and stables.


Fire safety

To offer protection against smoke, fire or carbon monoxide – fire detection and smoke alarm systems should be installed to monitor 24 hours a day. Flint can also arrange routine testing to ensure all your devices continue to work as they should.


Automatic security gates

Flint recommends using security gates and doors to prevent the opportunist intruder or unwanted visitors physically. It is possible to automate your existing doors and driveway gates or choose new ones from a comprehensive range of wooden, metal and high security designs. In addition, securing entry points and boundaries with closed doors and security gates provide a solid visual deterrent.


Security lighting

Lighting dark and vulnerable areas act as a deterrent to unwanted intruders and illuminate safe entry routes for your family and guests. Flint can provide a wide range of external security lighing equipment, including installing and maintaining your chosen system.


Locks & Master Key Suites

Our master locksmith service examines your property to identify potential weaknesses in your door entry systems. The locksmiths will determine if your locks offer proper security or are just holding the door closed. We can also supply and fit an extensive range of insurance approved mechanical and digital locks, cylinders and padlocks – compliant with all relevant British and European standards.


Security Doors and Windows

The door frame and door are as important as the lock for ensuring home security. Flint can help you find and arrange security doors and windows to be fitted. Whether steel or reinforced, these systems are built to the highest standards to ensure no weaknesses in the locking mechanism, structure or frame.


Bars, Grilles and Shutters

In certain situations, bars, grilles and shutters will provide a more secure means of protecting doors and windows. Flint can help source residential security bars and grilles. These physical systems can be custom made to fit any size or type of door or window opening. They can also be decorated in numerous finishes to blend with fitment and style of architecture.


Smoke Fogging Systems

Smoke fogging systems use a simple philosophy to protect your most valuable assets; if you are unable to see, you are unable to steal. The residential systems can add a protective layer to, particularly sensitive areas to delay potential intruders in their attack.


Panic rooms

A panic room provides a safe location within your home for your family to retreat during a robbery or threat, allowing you the security and time to raise the alarm. Panic rooms can range from a simple reinforced door with a multi-point locking frame to a complete design and build project encompassing the fabric and construction of the room.


To discuss how any of these security measures could improve the safety of your home please call your Flint Private Clients account handler.

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