Will I have to pay VAT on any repairs to my vehicle in the event of a non-fault claim?

Yes, you will have to pay VAT on repairs, however you can recover these costs through your normal VAT returns.


Do I get a like-for-like replacement vehicle if I have a fault accident?

No, you would get use of a courtesy car as provided by the garage carrying out your repairs for you. If your business depended on having a like-for-like vehicle then you would need to opt for a replacement vehicle policy, which would supply this in the event of an accident.

Can I claim for loss of earnings if I cannot use my van as a result of an accident that was not my fault?

Yes, this is possible, however insurers do require specific documentation to prove loss of earnings.


Will I still have to pay my excess if I have a non fault accident?

Yes, because even if the other party admits fault it is still up to their insurer, who may choose to not admit blame.


What are the ramifications if I use my local garage to carry out my repairs?

Your insurer or broker work with garages that are pre-approved for quality control and adherence of strict service standards to guarantee the repair. If you use your own, they don’t have this level of control and can’t rectify things if something goes wrong.


Do I have to claim through my insurance if I’ve had an accident?

No, if you’re involved in a non-fault accident, you can claim through the third party, this is not illegal.


Will claiming affect my premiums?

Yes! Your commercial motor premiums are worked out via the frequency and cost of claims.



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