Can Telematics/Cameras save me money on my insurance premiums?

Yes! As long as they are used in the right way. Telematics are there to monitor driver behaviour and depend on taking a disciplined approach to correct bad practice such as speeding, breaking harshly, cornering etc. Good driving will ultimately reduce the number of motor claims.

In-vehicle cameras can be used to establish who is at fault and also prevent fraud.

These initiatives will not reduce premiums immediately, but if properly utilised they can reduce the number of accidents and therefore claims, which will ultimately cut the cost of your insurance.


How many vehicles do I need to start a fleet?

From two upwards and these can be a mixture of vehicle types, i.e. cars, vans, trucks and other commercial vehicles.


Is there a restriction on the number vehicles I can have on my fleet?

No, there is no restriction. We have never encountered a situation where there is an upper limit to fleet size, again these can be a mix of vehicles, cars, vans, minibuses etc.


Can anyone drive my company vehicles?

Yes, with the proposer’s permission. This classically applies to family members and sub-contractors, although it’s important to remember that the onus is on the insured to carry out the usual driving licence and DVLA checks for convictions etc.


Does my policy include a driving other cars extension?

No. Where as a private car policy will usually cover you to drive, say a neighbour’s vehicle, on a third party basis, this does not apply to fleet vehicles.


Can I use my vehicles abroad?

Yes. Currently they are covered for driving within the EU, but depending on Brexit, what you need to take with you when travelling abroad may change.


Are trailers covered on my fleet?

Yes, on a third party basis, when attached to one of your fleet vehicles. Where trailers are used as part of the business, such as with haulage operators, the trailer is declared on the fleet policy for fully comprehensive cover.


Should I insure my mobile plant such as fork-lift trucks or dumpers on my fleet?

Whilst many of these types of vehicle are not road registered there can be times when they do need to cross a road, if an accident occurred whilst on a public highway there would be problems.


Can I use NCD when moving on to a fleet policy?

Yes. This usually comes into play when setting up a fleet for the first time, because you can use your personal no claims discount, as long as the vehicle that you drive forms part of the fleet.


Can I use my vehicle for social, domestic and pleasure?

Yes, your fleet policy does extend to cover use of your work vehicle for holidays or whilst at home etc.



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