Why do I need a high value home insurance policy, surely all home insurance is the same?

Larger properties, with higher sums insured require bespoke cover to make sure the right protection is put in place. Standard household insurance, that is more likely to be sold online or via the high street will invariably have restrictive limits on valuable items. Standard home upper limits are inadequate for high net worth properties, so any loss would be underinsured.


How do I calculate how much cover I need?

When you buy insurance through an expert broker like Flint we talk you through how to calculate the correct contents sums insured and how to obtain an accurate buildings sum insured.

Several of our high value insurers will also survey your property and set agreed sums insured for your insurance contract, thereby avoiding any chance of underinsurance.


How can I reduce my insurance costs?

There are a number of options that we can discuss with you, such as increased claims excess; how home security might affect your premium and the part of your premium that is associated with jewellery and watches.


Do I have to list all my possessions and valuables to be covered?

Good quality high value insurers will automatically have higher limits on your high value items, quite often meaning that you don’t need to list absolutely everything. Part of our service is to discuss your required high value items and find the best policy for your needs.


How often should I update my jewellery and fine art valuations?

Most insurers recommend between every 3-5 years. Flint has agreements with a range of valuation experts and can secure good deals to help make this job easier. It is incredibly important to keep up with correct valuations, so that if the worst does happen – you get a true replacement value.

Do I need specialist insurance for my listed home?

Yes. Listed properties are invariably expensive to repair and reinstate following a loss. Skilled tradesmen and the specialist materials required to sympathetically restore heritage and listed properties are expensive. You need an expert broker, with access to insurers who understand the needs of these types of older properties to make sure you are properly covered.


Who do I call if I need to make a claim?

As your broker and advocate we want to help manage the claims process from the outset. So call us first. All of our insurers operate a 24/7 365 days per year claims help line.


I am having building work done at my home do I need to tell my insurer?

Yes. All household policies carry limits as to the amount of building work that is acceptable to them. Please speak to us so that we can give you the best advice.


I am considering letting my home out, how will that affect my home insurance?

General household insurance does not provide the right type of cover for this scenario, contact us and we can discuss the specific risks involved and the best policy.


My home will be left unoccupied for a period of time should I tell my insurer?

Yes. All household insurance policies carry specific limits on the amount of time that the property can be left unoccupied, but this does vary and can be as short as 21 days. High value home insurance is however generally more flexible, with longer limits. Speak to your Flint Private Clients account handler about the best cover for your unique requirements.


I own a number of properties can I have one insurance policy?

Yes. Portfolio insurance policies allow for a mix of properties, e.g. family home, second home, holiday home and investment properties in one convenient insurance contract.

For the creation of new portfolio policies where there may be different renewal dates we can agree insurance terms and then drop them into the policy as their current cover expires. Alternatively, all properties can be included from the outset; we will look at the financial implications for each scenario and advise accordingly. Past experience has shown that insuring all your properties in one policy can often achieve better cover and save money.


My insurance affairs are quite complicated can I meet someone?

Yes. We are happy to meet face-to-face so that we can accurately assess your needs.


I have made a number of insurance claims; can I still obtain high quality cover?

We have access to a wide range of insurers, including some who do not deal direct with the public, but only via an insurance broker. This includes insurers who specialise in more difficult to place risks, such as those with a high claims frequency. Speak to us, we can often allay your fears!


I need advice about home security can an insurance broker help?

Flint Private Clients work with a range of expert providers who can advise on all aspects of home security, including, but not limited to: alarms, CCTV, safes etc.



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