Why do I need specialist motor policy for my high value car, surely all car insurance policies are the same?

For a high value or high performance vehicle it is important to establish a pre-agreed car value, so that in the event of a total loss you receive full recompense. Using the right garage for your particular vehicle repairs is also an issue; it needs to be quality controlled using only genuine manufacturer parts. Similarly, whilst your car is at the garage any courtesy car should be of a similar standard.

With Flint Private Client we look at every aspect of your car in detail and make recommendations for complete cover.


What factors will affect my premium and how can I reduce my costs?

There are many factors, such as, car security, including where it is kept, number of drivers, how you use your vehicle, annual mileage, previous insurance history for claims and your driving record for convictions.

Flint Private Clients has access to a large range of policies with different options for cover, which will also affect the price of your insurance. We work with you to secure the right cover at the best rate.


Who do I call if I need to make a claim?

Where possible always call us first so that we can best manage your claims experience. Your insurer will also have an out-of-hours claim line, check your policy for details.


Can I choose who repairs my car following an accident?

Yes. A good quality high value insurer will give you the option to choose your own repairer.


I own several cars; can I have one policy?

Yes, by combining your cars under a single policy you can often save on your premium, improve your cover and reduce your administration burden. Speak to your Flint Private Client account handler who can give you an idea of cost savings.


Is agreed value cover only available on collector cars?

No, many high value insurers will give you agreed value cover. Your Flint Private Client can give you advice on whether this is the best option for you.


Car insurance is easy to arrange online, why do I need a specialist broker?

By arranging your own cover you are taking full responsibility for providing the correct information, understanding the cover and terms on offer, including all of the small print. When you work with an insurance broker such as Flint we assume this responsibility on your behalf. Perhaps more importantly we represent you in the event of a claim.


What type of courtesy car will I get during repairs to my car?

Many of our high value insurers will automatically provide either like-for-like or a similar car to the one being repaired.


Can I include breakdown, legal expenses and Gap cover?

Yes, this is one of the major benefits of high value car cover; your insurer is looking to be a one-stop-shop and will respond to your needs in regard to these types of extra cover. As well as added convenience, this full service approach can often reduce the overall cost of your premium.


I am young and a relatively inexperienced driver, can I get cover?

Yes, ultimately your insurance premium will reflect any lack of driving experience, but a specialist broker such as Flint has access to insurers who do not trade online and may be able to either offer a better deal or provide insurance that others decline.

Depending on your circumstances a family fleet policy is another option, speak to us for more details.


I have driving convictions and some claims against me. Can I still obtain high quality cover?

Yes, we have access to many specialist insurers who will consider vehicle insurance on these terms.


I might take my car on a track day, will I be insured?

High value insurers tend to understand that owners of high performance vehicles like to let them off their leash every now and then! Several of our insurers will accommodate time off for track days. Speak to your Flint Private Client account handler who will make sure you get the right cover.



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