How do I know if I have the correct locks?

In most cases insurers rely on the fact that locks are British Standard approved, but if you are unsure then ask your broker. Some policies do stipulate minimum requirements for security and you have to adhere to these conditions; the onus is on you to make sure it is correct.


How do I work out the correct sums insured for my household insurance?

Underinsurance is the most common mistake for both Buildings and Contents Home Insurance. If your insurer deems that you don’t have enough cover, then any claim that you make will see your payout reduced by the same percentage that you were underinsured.

There are a number of online tools that can be used to calculate the various aspects of your contents cover and this is the value of what it will take to fully replace your possessions in the event of a loss.

For Buildings you are calculating how much it will take to totally rebuild your house, including professional fees, demolition and waste removal services. This is not the market value of your home, which might be lower or higher depending on where you live and type of construction.


How long can my house be empty for?

Most policies automatically allow up to 60 days in a consecutive period. Some insurers may ask that you make plans for additional security, such as arranging property visits and that you drain the hot water system.

Depending on your particular circumstances you may want to consider Second or Holiday Home Insurance.


How long do I have to make a claim?

Any claim should be reported immediately. Waiting too long runs the risk of it being void.



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