Can I insure my son or daughter under my own name for their car insurance?

We know that due to high premiums some younger drivers think it’s fine to insure their car under a parent and then add themselves as a named driver.

Actually, it’s not, this practice, known as fronting is illegal; what’s more it will invalidate the policy and claims will not be paid.


Does comprehensive cover allow me to drive any car?

Not necessarily, whilst this used to be a common feature of fully comprehensive car insurance, not all insurers now offer this. It comes under DOC or Driving Other Cars and usually offers only third party cover, so don’t forget to check your policy to see if it is included. If in any doubt ask your Flint account handler for more information.


Do I still need insurance even if I’m not driving my car?

Yes, even if it’s parked on your drive, unless the vehicle has been officially declared off-road via a SORN (Statutory Off-Road Notice), Continuous Insurance Enforcement demands that it must be insured for at least Third Party cover.


I don’t drive my car that often, will my premiums be lower?

No, not necessarily; you may be deemed by some insurers to be in-experienced or not confident behind the wheel. Flint works with a large range of insurers and we use the information that you give us to find you the best deal. Always try to be as accurate as possible about your mileage and any other personal details, because many different factors affect the price of your insurance.


I’m a young driver, can I get black box insurance to save me money?

Yes, but you will be expected to monitor your driving from the dashboard, which your insurer also has access to. This means adopting best practice and avoiding harsh journeys. Your insurer will intervene if your driving becomes problematic.


Is my car insurance invalid if I’m in a drunk driving accident?

No, you are still covered for damage to the 3rd party; any personal damage will also usually be included. Personal damage might be excluded if this has happened before. Check your policy and if in any doubt speak to your Flint account handler.



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