The history of Flint Insurance

We are proud to be independent, proud to be family owned since inception and proud of our 35+ year heritage which has seen many changes in the economic landscape but one thing has never changed; our desire to be ‘best in class’ and our passion for putting our clients first, everytime.

Our ‘timeline’ below shows a few of the ‘highlights’ or ‘milestones’ that we have had over the years. Of course, nothing can show the true story of the day-to-day goings-on that make Flint Insurance what it is – but these milestones do tell a story of how our humble beginnings are still very much a part of how we provide our services today – a history that has been across several decades, seen 2 centuries and a millenium – we’ve seen a lot!

The future is bright with the Flint Academy

Our future is going to be shaped by the people who have been here for years and even decades – as well as those who are yet to join the Flint Family. We are proud of the ‘Flint Academy’ which was launched in early 2021 to enable us to attract the next level of talent for the insurance sector. We are always looking to build upon past successes by creating a diverse and fun place to work – this ensures that the future means bigger and better things for everyone!