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Flint Insurance Warn That Apathy Is Costly With High Net Worth Home Insurance
Published: 27/07/11

An apathetic approach to home insurance is causing nearly a quarter of all homeowners to pay significantly more than they should be paying on their home insurance. In light of recent studies that indicate that nearly 25% of British homeowners renew their home insurance automatically without considering to shop around for a cheaper policy, Flint Insurance warn that those with high value home insurance are the most at risk of paying high premiums for inadequate insurance.

This unconcerned approach to home insurance can result in homeowners often paying a staggering 224% more on their home insurance than they need to. As specialists in high net worth home insurance, Flint Insurance warn that high net worth homeowners could be more at risk of paying high costs for the wrong policy if they do not check the benefits of the other policies available to them.

High net worth homeowners are more likely to have an apathetic approach to their home insurance than other homeowners, this is due to the additional requirements high net worth homeowners would want from their insurance including cover for their swimming pool or any expensive jewellery.  Many high value homeowners may feel trying to find a policy that includes these extras is a time consuming process so choose to stick to their current policy even though it might not take these extras into account.

If a high value homeowner is paying high costs for an incompetent insurance policy they may be left disappointed if they wish to claim for accidental damage cover for pricey antiques and their current insurance provider does not pay out a suitable amount. As a result Flint Insurance are warning high value homeowners that the risk of having second-rate home insurance could be an expensive issue.

A Spokesperson for Flint Insurance said: “Many High Value Home Owners are paying far too much for substandard Insurance policies which do not offer adequate protection and leave themselves exposed to issues which may result in a claim that would be fully covered under a specialist home insurance however under their current insurance it is not being covered.

“We gather the appropriate Information and make recommendations based upon our knowledge of the High Value Home Insurance Market, providing a one stop solution for all of your insurance requirements.”

It is easy to get a quote for your high net worth home insurance from Flint Insurance. Their experienced team offers a completely free review of your home insurance requirements and search through the UK’s top insurance providers to get you a quote for a better value for money policy. For more information on high value home insurance or to view Flint Insurance’s selection of other specialist insurance policies including fleet insurance please visit www.flintinsurance.co.uk

About Flint Insurance:
Flint Insurance is an independent insurance broker. With over 30 years' experience in the trade, they can offer a range of cover for businesses including specialist HGV insurance cover throughout the UK. By using a panel of over 35 insurers, they can provide the most appropriate and cost-effective cover for their clients.

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