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Product focus: Group PA and Travel

Published: 16/12/11

Product focus: Group PA and Travel

Personal Accident
Group personal accident and travel is something that every business should consider for their workforce, both products can be bought together or separately.

This cover provides cash payments if insured employees are killed or lose limbs or eyes or are totally or partially disabled by an accident covered by the policy.

Personal accident can be bought as a benefit that you provide to your employees or as an additional safeguard for the company.

You as the employer can choose whether the cover is 24/7 worldwide or restricted to occupational accidents, you can also specify the amount to be paid upon injury.

As well as cash payments, it also offers a recovery support programme, including:

  • Health case manager to assess an injured person's requirements and aid their recovery, including how to access treatment quickly and conveniently.


  • 5% of the promised amount for permanent disablement (up to a maximum of £10,000 in total) for in-home domestic and chauffeur services.
  • Injured people who cannot continue in their previous role can get up to £15,000 towards the reasonable costs of re-training.


Generally premiums are based on the type of work that you do, how many employees you have and levels of cover. It is important to note, it may not be as expensive as you think and as our case studies show it can really make a significant difference to both employees and the company.


Group Travel
For all insured employees travelling on company business (including UK trips) – plus cover for directors, their partners and children on personal leisure trips.

Premiums are dependent on your particular travel pattern, i.e. how many employees to be covered, the number of trips/duration, where to etc.

Case Studies – how Personal Accident Cover helps the company and its employees

1. Lump sum paid to company and family of director fatally injured in accident

A director and staff member of a family-owned business suffered a fatal accident at work. The company’s PA cover provided a timely and substantial lump sum to both the company and family. The money was also used for funeral expenses and counseling services. The payment assisted in the avoidance of an EL claim against the company.

2. Injured employee receives disability and hospitalisation benefit

A key employee of a small business was involved in a serious accident. The injuries sustained resulted in the PA policy paying out substantial benefits for disability, hospitalisation, convalescence, retraining and temporary staff provision. Although the benefits were payable to the policyholder the company passed them on to the employee who now works at the company in a clerical capacity.

3. Company receives payment to cover temporary replacement driver

A company purchased Occupational PA cover for its delivery drivers. When one of the drivers was involved in a serious road accident the policy provided a weekly benefit to the company in order for them to secure a temporary replacement driver during the period of absence.


Case Studies – Business Travel

1. Repatriation to the UK after receiving emergency surgery and after care

An insured person working overseas was taken ill suddenly. The insurer transported them to the nearest hospital with specialist facilities to receive emergency surgery and after care. Once fit to travel he was repatriated back to the UK with no medical cost to the individual.

2. Luggage misplaced and delayed by airline

A company arranged a 3 day European conference. The UK delegation, all travelling on the same plane, had their luggage misplaced and delayed by the airline. Their travel policy allowed each individual to purchase business suits, evening attire and other essential items to continue with the conference.

3. Replacement of lost glasses

A client was travelling to the Channel Islands and lost their glasses somewhere en route. Their claim for replacement glasses was processed and paid within 5 days with no policy excess deducted.


 For further information on how Directors and Officers Insurance, PA and Travel Insurance can help you please contact Tony Cracroft on 0845 3711 452 or email tonycracroft@flintinsurance.co.uk


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