Attempted break-in forces reappraisal

October 29, 2019

Like all businesses we are delighted to secure a new client, but the true satisfaction of a job well done comes in the knowledge that two people can now rest assured that their worldly goods are properly covered.

On this occasion it’s not stretching the truth too far to say that our client received a bit of a warning in the form of an attempted break-in at her home. Certainly not a very pleasant experience, but what it did do was make her question the validity of her existing cover.

Like so many before her, our client had chosen to insure online, which as we have previously highlighted, is taking a bit of a gamble, particularly for high value insurance. With a five bedroom, four storey London home, a rebuild sum of £250,000 had left her woefully underinsured; the couple’s contents had been valued at £50,000, with £10,000 for her jewellery.

The Flint Private Clients recommendation for cover included a free Buildings Appraisal which immediately upped the rebuild cost to £1m, this sum has been guaranteed by the insurer, so any claim or total loss will be paid in full.

As part of our service I joined the building surveyor to view the property, as well as meeting our client face-to-face to discuss her contents in greater detail. She had forgotten to include the replacement costs of her and her husband’s clothing, which added another £50,000 to the contents – these combined with input from the surveyor were set at £250,000, similarly her jewellery was reappraised to £60,000. All sums insured were raised significantly to ensure full protection.

We sincerely hope that there is no future break-in at her home, but should some unscrupulous individuals get their hands on our client’s valuables, at the very least she can be confident of appropriate recompense.

Don’t fall prey to underinsurance, call Flint Private Clients to get your high net worth home and contents properly valued.

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