Flint Insurance – HSE Review (June-October 2020)

August 8, 2020

As per Government & HSE guidelines, we recently performed an HSE review and the full document is available to download on this page.

Carrying out reviews will confirm whether our health and safety arrangements still make sense. For example, we have:

Checked the validity of our health and safety policy
Ensured the system we have in place for managing health and safety is effective
We are able to see what has changed about the health and safety environment in our business. This will enable us to stop doing things that are no longer necessary while allowing us to respond to new risks.

Reviewing also gives us the opportunity to celebrate and promote our health and safety successes. It also allows us to display the measures and practices we have put in place to further enhance our already Covid-19 safe working environment by promoting social distancing in the workplace, one-way systems throughout our entire operation and improved cleaning and facilities management work that is in place to ensure the safety and well-being of both our Staff and any Visitors to our offices.

You can download the latest HSE Review (PDF Document) by clicking here.

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