Forklift truck safety from Axa

July 10, 2018

The Health and Safety Executive reports that 23% of all accidents and major injuries involve workplace transport. From March 2017 to March 2018 Axa received 281 claims from incidents involving forklift trucks – this is clearly a significant health and safety area which needs to be addressed.

Insurers creating solutions

As a result of these incidents Axa want to help their clients prevent forklift truck incidents and increase safety. They have therefore teamed up with VUE to give businesses access to new equipment which they believe will make operating and being in close proximity to forklift trucks a lot safer to prevent accidents and decrease claims

Already successful in decreasing the number of accidents within the haulage trade, Axa tested the system with a group of forklift truck drivers and saw positive changes in behaviours with a decrease in incidents.

So, what is it?

The technology involves placing two cameras on a forklift, one forward facing camera and one driver facing camera placed at the top of the driver cab. The cameras are hooked up to an online system so if there’s an incident, video is available immediately. It can then be sent to Axa’s claims team, speeding up the claims process – enabling them to pay appropriate claims quicker, or use the evidence in claims defensibility. The technology is installed by the insurer’s third party partner VUE.

From as little as £599, the Axa and Vue package includes:

Vue VMC4:

  • Retrieve recorded video remotely via the VUEmatics portal
  • Record all GPS and telematics data via the online portal
  • Live tracking and video streaming of forklift trucks

VUE Forward Camera

  • Records the driver’s forward view

VUE Driver Camera

  • Records driver operation and immediate vicinity around the side and rear of the forklift truck

VUE matics portal (12 months)

  • A web based solution that allows instant access to cameras and telematics data. Includes a wide range of telematics based reports and live vehicle tracking.

VUE cloud access (12 months)

  • Access to the VUEcloud platform allows users to securely upload, store and share video footage and other associated media such as photographs and reports. Incident footage can be immediately sent to the AXA Claims team via VUEcloud. The VUEcloud also includes an AXA specific dashboard.


  • On site installation by a VUE engineer.

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