Guidance for UK Pubs, Restaurants and Leisure businesses

July 3, 2020

What is happening?

From the 4th July Pubs, Restaurants and Leisure businesses can reopen.

What should they consider?

Our panel of insurer have provided a wealth of guidance and helpful links to the official government guidance.

Important points to consider are:

  • Old stock. Including alcohol which should be disposed of safely.
  • Cleaning of dispensing machines.
  • Social distancing rules and how do you use outside space safely and in line with Health & Safe rules.
  • Making sure your liabilities covers allow for the changes.
  • Flow of customers through your premises for hygiene and not just fire safety.
  • Training of staff.
  • Signage for customers who you wish to comply with the new rules.
  • Communication is key to business understanding, staff and customers compliance with the new opening planned.

If you want more information

We would be happy to provide you with the guidance from your insurer all you need to do is contact us by email at

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