Health and social care notice

March 3, 2020

With the media and government publishing notices about the current world health risk, following the Coronavirus (COVID-19) Flint have identified the following sources who supply guidance and information about the outbreak and any precautions individuals or businesses should be considering.

The following information has been taken from: for UK advise and for practical advice and additional information.

How we all should limit the spread of infection

The World health organization (WHO) coronavirus-2019/advice-for-public for useful videos and further information.

  • Wash your hand frequently, this kills viruses.
  • Maintain social distance, 1m or 3 feet as this limits the chances of sharing viruses from coughing or sneezing.
  • Avoid touching eyes nose and mouth, as your hands touch surfaces which may transfer viruses
  • Stay home if feel unwell and seek medical attention as guided by the NHS. This will protect us from spreading viruses. If you are fit to work Flint can arrange remote working for those who have a PC or Laptop and broadband. If you are not fit to work I would refer you to our sick and absence policy.
  • Keep up to date, so you can follow the advice given and limit the impact on you, your business and the wider public health

Travel advice

For the latest travel advice in the UK you should visit Specific travel advice on returners from specific countries is available on line

The Foreign Office publish a Travel check list which is regularly updated. We would expect you to follow the FO’s published instructions and recommendations.

Managers should be informed about foreign travel and you should discuss what the options are upon your return.

Use the NHS 111 telephone number and the NHS website for health advice.

What our Disaster Recovery plan looks like?

All Disaster Recovery plans should be appropriate for your business, they should minimise the risk of spreading any disease and limit the exposure to any staff, clients and the wider general public in line with government advice.

Here at Flint we have taken all practical steps, keeping our staff informed, reminding them of the need to wash their hands regularly, supplying hand sanitisers throughout the office. Reminding all to stay healthy and if not asked them to inform us by telephone (not travelling to work)

If travelling, we have asked our staff to check their travel plans on the Foreign Office web pages and inform us if they are travelling to a country listed.
Upon their return we have asked them to check the FO web pages for the current guidance. If upon their return, they confirm they are exhibiting any symptoms and they have notified the NHS 111 telephone number, who have advised them to self-isolate, we will ask if they are able to work from home? If they confirm they are we will allow them to work from home for the 14-day isolation period. If not, we will have to manage our service without them. (This is in line with our current DR plans.) If any member of staff confirms they have been in contact with a carrier or sufferer of the virus we will ask them to speak to NHS111 and confirm the advice they give. If it is to self-isolate, we will ask them to work from home (as above). Any member of staff who is not well enough to work from home we be treated in line with our sick policy.

Our managers have been asked to be vigilant for signs of illness, it is difficult to be specific as the virus does not present consistently, but the current advice is chest infection and or diarrhoea. If they are aware of anyone with these symptoms, they will ask the individual to discuss with NHS111 and ensure the individual follows their advice. If it is someone who is likely to have been infected, they will inform the operations team who will seek NHS advice and act upon it.

We are regularly reviewing the advice given by the FO and WHO. If there advise changes are plans are adaptable and we can take further practical steps, such as limiting business travel and reviewing business events suitability prior to any engagement.

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