Helping those who are helping people affected by Covid-19

May 12, 2020

Today, which is International Nurses Day, We are pleased to announce that Flint Insurance has partnered with a new initiative and the UK-wide appeal which brings critical support to NHS staff working tirelessly in the fight against COVID-19. Founded by NHS workers to help NHS workers, HEROES brings direct insight from the frontline on the physical, mental and day to day needs of staff across the nation.

Joe Cole, the former England footballer and his wife Carly joined the team as founding members and ambassadors for HEROES. Joe says; “This is a fantastic new initiative set up to support the frontline NHS workers, the real heroes ‘digging in’ for us in very difficult circumstances.  We, the British public can help with this. It is a call of our generation to stick together.”

Co-founder Dr Dominic Pimenta, says: “We are dedicated to a single ideal, ‘anything that makes an NHS worker’s life better’. This crisis will see many of my colleagues face the most challenging time of their lives. The government and management are swamped already, so we set up HEROES to support the frontline workers for now and far into the future. We must do all we can to protect and defend it at this difficult time. We can get through this together if we help them, help us”

Supporting HEROES the ‘Flint Insurance’ way

Flint Insurance was able to secure insurance cover for a specialist vehicle used to deliver meals cooked by the likes of Aldo Zilli to the beneficiaries of the work being done by HEROES, the costs of which have also been covered as a donation to this worthwhile charitable organisation.

As specialists in insurance for fleets of all types and sizes, we were able to secure favourable terms for the full and comprehensive cover that was needed for this venture and we were able to arrange cover on the same day, something we do regularly for our entire client base. This means that HEROES will also now benefit from our expert advice & support as well as the exceptional service we provide. We will also be on hand should anything go wrong with claims management.

How to find out more and support HEROES

To join the effort and donate or to sign up as a partner, visit

Flint Insurance are proud to be supporters of and partnered with HEROES through the current Covid-19 crisis and beyond – we will keep you updated with news and information from the charity as well as our own efforts in supporting them so please check back regularly for further updates or follow us on Twitter.

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