High-value home insurance in action

October 9, 2019

Flint Private Clients took on a new client today because we were able to offer comprehensive cover, where the existing insurer had failed, with an amazingly quick turnaround and at great rates. This is what happened:

Our client came to us because his property was about to undergo £400,000 worth of building works, which meant that his existing insurer, one of the big high street banks, were no longer able to insure his home. As his existing policy was coming up for immediate renewal, our client required a full programme of insurance to be put in place at very short notice.

We discussed the situation with our recommended insurer who was able to move very quickly.  Not only were they able to take on the complex risk for the building works, they were able to provide a full update to the rest of our client’s coverage needs, bringing his buildings and his contents insurance right up to date.  This included extending the rebuild cost of the property as well as put an updated contents programme in place, all delivered within a very short turnaround time.

Our client accepted our recommendations for a policy that properly covered his buildings, contents and the £400,000 worth of building works. Our client now has all-risks cover and our insurers have not applied ANY terms during the works – offering him the best policy available on the UK market today. Once the works are completed our insurers will carry out a full survey to reconfirm and guarantee the rebuilding cost of his home going forwards.


Thanks to our detailed understanding of our client’s needs, and our close relationship with the leading insurers in the market, we were able to turn the quote around within 24 hours and put our client’s house on cover straight away – because the building works were starting the same day! And yes, our client has paid slightly more for his insurance, but has gained over £1.1m worth of cover and the knowledge that his home – at a time of greater risk – is protected.


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