Unoccupied Construction Sites & Cessation of Works

April 27, 2020

Most of our insurers have confirmed that within their C.A.R (Contractors All Risks) policy wording, there is a Cessation of Work clause which automatically provides 90 days cover if work on-site stops. Please note that whilst the majority of our markets have provided their guidance on this, we can only guarantee the veracity of the information once we have checked your existing cover types and levels, therefore we advise you contact us directly for the most up to date information regarding your insurance arrangements.

“Whilst this cover is in place, We would also expect existing security measures to remain in force and the Insured should also consider the question of security more widely – i.e. guarding, CCTV, alarms, removing portable materials and plant etc.”

Our Panel of Insurers* have provided the following guidance:

“It is likely that all Construction sites, if not already closed, will be shutting down due to changing restrictions on travel. Here is some guidance to follow to make construction sites safe in the event of a complete shutdown being implemented:”


  • Securely fenced
  • Sides battered/benched
  • Open manholes sewer interventions closed
  • Attenuation tanks sealed
  • Pile caps sealed
  • Caissons sealed


  • Secured and checked.

Plant Security

  • High Rise Cranes secure and slew brake free
  • Mast Climber secure
  • Excavation Plant secure and immobilised
  • Small plant items off hired/removed from site.

Site Offices/Establishment

  • Water isolated
  • Power isolated
  • Laptops/computers removed off site
  • Welfare facilities cleaned
  • Food waste and rubbish removed
  • Pest control measures operational.


  • Access secured
  • Temporary supports/falsework in place
  • Structure stable to wind loading
  • Loose materials removed/secured
  • Services isolated and locked off

Valuable construction materials inventoried and secured.

*Our information is kept up to date however we always advise that our clients contact us directly for the most relevant information regarding their policies and cover arrangements. Please do not assume that this advice/guidance is related to your own arrangements/circumstances and seek our advices at every possible juncture. Call us for the most up to date information regarding your insurances on 0208 309 5000.

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