Private residential rental Landlords and electrical safety standards

February 15, 2021

This is not an electrifying article, but an important one nonetheless.  We wanted to provide a reminder about the changes of regulation that came into effect for new rentals from the 1st June 2020 and for existing rentals from this coming April, 1st April 2021.

You can find all the information a Landlord needs HERE

(We would encourage you to read the government guidance in full)

As responsible landlords you are ensuring your premises meet the national electrical safety standards (British Standard 7671).


What do you need to do?

  • Have your property tested every 5 years by a qualified person.
  • Make sure you, your tenant has a copy of the report.
  • Make sure any new tenant has a copy.
  • Be able to supply a copy if your local authority requests it.


Who is a qualified person?

This includes but is not limited to:

Electrical Safety Roundtable

Registered Competent Person Electrical single mark and register


What is tested?

The fixed electrical wiring and sockets-outlets, light fittings, consumer units (Fuse box in old money!) along with any permanently connected equipment.


What should you do with the report?

The report has 4 codes:

  • C1 – Danger present. Risk of injury. The hazard will normally be made safe before the inspector leaves.
  • C2 – Potentially dangerous. Either of these are identified, they will need rectifying prior to continued use.
  • F1 – Further investigation. You must investigate without delay and then act upon the recommendation.
  • C3 – Improvement recommended. You are recommended to make improvement to improve the safety but have no legal requirement to do so.


What happens if you don’t have an inspection?

Your insurance is likely to be invalid as you are in breach of your legal duty.

The local authority may carry out the remedial work and charged you.

You could be liable for a financial penalty of £30,000 if in breach of your duties.

Your insurance could be invalid.


For the full information use the link HERE

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