Technology Business Risks: Aviva Report

October 3, 2021

What are the top three risks to a Technology business?

From a recent Aviva insight report (avivariskinsightreport0221.) the top three risks identified by the industry are:

  1. New and changing technology
  2. Cyber Security and cyber incidents
  3. Changes in legislation and regulation

What can you do to manage these risks?

Step back and review your business, assess the risks you are exposed to and consider the impact they may have, how this affects your Business Continuity Plan along with your priorities.

Look outside your business and consider how others tackle their challenges.

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Once you have reviewed your business you can then assess how to limit or eliminate the risks to it.

How can Flint Insurance help?

As your trusted insurance advisors, we can help you understand the risks to your business and ensure you have considered the insurance options available to you. Our Media, Tech & Cyber Division is totally dedicated to ensuring that U.K businesses in their relevant sectors are able to access the best cover at competitive rates through us as their broker of choice who not only understands the risks posed to your business but also the markets that are available to protect you against those risks.

We work with you, providing regular reviews to ensure your insurance remains up to date and effect. Something that, in todays ever-evolving business landscape is more important than ever.

Give our experts a call today on 0800 021 4504 for a free of charge, no-obligation health-check of your existing insurance arrangements.

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