Who you calling a dummy?

October 20, 2018

We are always happy when one of our valued clients gets some national newspaper coverage, although we’re not sure what to make of this from a risk management point of view?!

The Daily Star recently reported the amusing and somewhat novel lengths people will go to in taxi fare avoidance. A hapless cabbie from City Cabs in Brighton was hailed by three chaps to be taken to London for an agreed £140 fare. Fifty miles down the road he dropped the first man off. A little later the second passenger got out, thanked him and relayed the final destination of his ‘friend’ who was asleep in the back. On reaching the final drop-off when the cabbie tried to wake his ‘passenger’ he was extremely dismayed to find it was a fully clothed tailor’s dummy! Andy Cheeseman, boss at City Cabs is reported as saying:

“He was expecting the last passenger to pay, so he lost the lot.

“It is the funniest thing to happen to one of our drivers.

“You can imagine the stick he got from the other drivers.”

Flint has recently started providing taxi fleet cover for Andy Cheeseman and his firm, so we’re happy that he was able to see the funny side. Let’s hope it doesn’t encourage a spate of copycat fraudsters. When you next take take a taxi, don’t be offended if before setting off the cabbie wants to check your pulse!

On a more serious note, Flint can provide highly competitive cover for taxi and mini cab fleets. Our insurer panel is made up of experienced taxi insurers and we work with them to secure you the best cover on the market.

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