Motor Fleet versus Commercial – time to get even!

July 15, 2019

Once again, our Motor Fleet and Commercial departments limbered up for what has become their annual footy tournament. In a slight break with tradition, the usual five-a-side competition was replaced with a single, but full 90 minute match, with each side fielding 11 good men.

Little did Scott Donaldson know when he arranged this event just how much a break from tradition it would turn out to be – because against all the odds (and Flint football history) Motor Fleet actually won, with a resounding 7-1 victory!!

Man of the Match went to, wait for it – John Thorne, Flint Head of Commercial and the Commercial team’s goal keeper!? Some might express surprise at this award, however without John’s immense skill it could have easily been 30-1.

Other notable talent came from Oliver Taylor, Motor Fleet support, who scored two cracking goals; Ben Coleman, Motor Fleet Account Handler, was incredibly fast and Ronnie Saint, Commercial Account Handler, gave a very solid performance at the back. Suffice to say our younger staff members really shone. However, we mustn’t forget Darren Taylor who both refereed and came on as a sub and John Bishop who, by all accounts, has still got it.

The match was held at the Oaks of Eltham Town Football Club, with only a few drinks afterwards in their recreation room, because basically, a lot of tired people had to get home.

Lastly, we must give a mention to James Parrott, the Commercial team Captain who is currently recovering from a bit of a nasty accident (can someone please check our personal accident cover?!). Get well soon James.

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