Re-starting Your Business

July 6, 2020

Returning to work, or not, make sure you are covered…

As UK businesses adapt and evolve, there is an expectation that we will see more and more companies starting to reopen in line with Government guidance over the coming weeks. As a result, insurers are starting to confirm their position with regards to policy coverage going forward.

Since the original ‘lockdown’ period commenced in March 2020, the main UK insurers have all been allowing some extra flexibility on their policy coverage; whether they have been automatically extending cover for contents in the homes of employees, agreeing to maintain full cover on unoccupied property and/or loosening their stance on policy clauses such as cessation of works, this added flexibility has been intended to help protect clients in a period of huge uncertainty.

What changed?

The original deadlines put in place by insurers for their position to be reviewed again is fast approaching, and we are starting to receive feedback from the market in terms of the position going forward. As you will imagine, insurers are all starting to reduce the level of flexibility allowed and tighten up their coverage for the next stage.

It is important for you to consider your position, as any decision you make on whether to reopen your business or not (or whether you remain compulsory closed) could have an impact on the cover that your insurer will be providing going forward.

Have you considered your Business Plan?

Individual Insurers on our panel are taking different stances regarding extending these cover’s and imposing policy conditions, and for this reason, we would urge you to consider your business plan.

Once you have decided if your business will be; opening immediately, closed by compulsory order, or voluntarily closed, you need to ensure that you understand, if any, what impact this has on your cover and any conditions you need to adhere to.

Advice and Support from Flint Insurance

We have included some general information for you to consider as part of your planning, which can be found by following the links below.

Simply click the links below to visit the relevant resources on our website or download these resources in PDF format – as well as being able to view the wider Covid-19  section which we have implemented to provide the guidance and support our customers need during the Coronavirus pandemic;-

View the ‘Guidance for the re-opening of UK Businesses’ website article

View the ‘Guidance for UK Pubs, Restaurants & Leisure Businesses’ website article

Get Your Free Copy of our ‘Return To Work Checklist’ (PDF Download)

Get Your Free Copy of our ‘Equipment Assessment Checklist’ (PDF Download)

Download our ‘Guidance for Re-starting Business – Pubs & Restaurants’ (PDF Download)

Download our ‘Guidance for Re-starting Business – Hotels & Guest Houses’ (PDF Download)

Download our ‘Guidance for Re-starting Business – Leisure Companies’ (PDF Download)

If you would like to visit the wider ‘Covid-19 Section’ of our website which brings together the news, updates and resources from a myriad of sources such as and PHE (Public Health England) and, of course, this is also the central ‘hub’ where we publish all news, updates and resources from our panel of insurers and the insurance sector in general. This information is updated quite regularly owing to the fact that the situation with the pandemic is so fluid, so please consider bookmarking this page and check back regularly for up to date information;-





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