Lockdown 2 – An Update from Flint Insurance

November 19, 2020

As we are now well into Lockdown 2, we thought it would be good to provide an update of the information that was released by us during the first lockdown.

Rather than regurgitate the same information in newer articles, we have put together a comprehensive list of the information and advice we had made available previously, giving you a concise rundown of that guidance.

To begin with, we provided a rundown of the World Health Organisation updates that were released at the time, many of which make as much sense to read over then as they do now;-

Check out our original post on the WHO guidance by clicking here.

Managing Your Business During A National Lockdown

During these unprecedented times we have found that whilst a general lockdown affects all in much the same way – businesses are affected in different ways from one business to another, one sector to another. So we provided a comprehensive article on what we were doing and other resources to help other businesses manage their business through lockdown.

Have a look at the original post and resources we made available by clicking here.

The official (Gov.uk) do’s and dont’s during lockdown

We originally posted an article laying out the official guidance from Government about this but due to different guidance being made for Lockdown 2, we released another.

Click here for the latest list of official do’s and don’ts from the Government.

Critical Workers (a.k.a ‘Key Workers’)

We added an article to our growing Covid-19 section on the list of Critical Workers which benefited from certain exemptions from the Governments list of Do’s and Don’ts – as well as some other advice and information which related mainly to those who worked in these ‘critical’ jobs/sectors.

The full list is available by clicking here.

Temporary removal of Contents/Business Equipment

Working from home en-masse means many different things not only for the workforce but the companies who employ them. Whilst businesses close the doors to their offices there is still the need for the equipment they own and lease along with many other items, so there were different guidance from different insurers based on the type of insurance cover you might have.

We made a rundown available, click here to see it.

Temporary Unoccupied Buildings

The list of Contents/Business Equipment also extends to the buildings that are occupied (or in many cases Unoccupied) and we posted an article to offer some guidance on what this meant from an insurance perspective.

That article is available by clicking here.

Unoccupied Construction Sites & Cessation of Works

By definition, the workplace is often very different to Construction firms, and the closure of building sites meant that many of them had to remove the workforce from sites which were under development with many other factors now being a worry for them.

We added an article which gave guidance on the Cessation of Works and Unoccupied Construction Sites. Of course, some of this guidance no longer applies but the article is here.

Free Employment Law help from our partners at Primed

We were able offer Free Employment Law help to our customers through an online platform from our partners at Primed. This was a 90 day trial of their services and a wide range of services were made available through this partnership.

Have a look at the article and the online resources made available by clicking here.

Cleaning Businesses who change their services…

During lockdown and in general due to the Covid-19 crisis cleaning businesses have, by and large, been inundated with requests for their services due to the need to complete high level cleaning and disinfecting of workplaces of all types. Many cleaning businesses would have also started offering new services, such as ‘fogging’ which is actually not a service covered by many different insurance policies and would need to be added as a new type of cover.

Many of these businesses were unaware of this so we made this article available for them.


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